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Something new to try

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I just heard from my father who listens to Dr. Dean Edell on the radio daily. Dr. Dean is a radio doc who has very good connections in the medical field on the west coast. Anyway he stated that a man who had suffered from constant D for 40 years and was diagnosed with crohns found that by eating two coconut and macarune(spell??)cookies a day, made by Archway brand his symptoms dissapeared. Supposedly it has to do with a chemical that they use to make the coconut blend with the cookie. I'm going to go buy some tonight and see what happens. I encourage everyone to give them a try. You never know. I guess you can find them at Raley's and other supermarkets.
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This was posted by someone (who?) the other day and it was also in Joe Graedon's People's Pharmacy, so there must be something to it. In fact, the post got quite a few answers. I don't know if it's just D for Crohn's, or the kind of D produced by IBS....interesting.
Beeee... Very careful! I cannot eat those cookies, macaroons. The oil's used in production can cause problems. They do with me, but I'm very sensitive to chemicals and preservatives. Especially sulfites. They are found in lot's of products.
I used to try eating those cookies too...yummmm! However, they didn't work for me, except to make me happy.
I think there's too much stuff in them that I shouldn't have.
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