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Soul Songs by Karen Williams

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Hi All,I wanted to inroduce everyone to Soul Songs. They are written by a woman named Karen Williams. She has a website that you can go on and join her mailing list. She will email you some inspirational quotes and sayings. I have found them to be a great way to change my level of thinking. We all know that IBS takes a toll on us mentally. I am going to attach a sample to this email. At the bottom there will be a link to her email. If you like what you are reading subscribe for more.Soulsong #283 - Perfectly Imperfect Today I allow myself to be human. I allow myself to have quirks, idiosyncrasies, and other, well, marks of genius. I allow myself to sometimes lose things, forget appointments, or draw a blank on the boss's name. I allow myself to sometimes have an off-day or be tired or lazy as Garfield the cat. I allow myself to sometimes mess-up in the way I relate to others. I apologize, learn from the experience, and forgive myself. I allow myself to have morning mouth, scaly skin, or the frizzies. I allow myself to sometimes feel bored, angry, sad, even despondent, for I know I can move out of those states by choosing better-feeling thoughts and I don't have to stay there for long. I stop pressuring myself to be perfect, and I start loving myself for the perfectly unique and wonderful person I am. ***Highly recommended: ***To subscribe (free): soulsongkaren###bellsouth.netVisit our web site: http://www.karenwilliams.netTo hear Soulsongs narrated: Copyright 2005, Karen Williams
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your right ibs does take its toll on our health/ lives etc, for me if i need to get my mind off my health probs, i either sit down and listen to soothing music, the soundtrack to braveheart i find soothing.If i want to watch something then the simpsons or south park does it for me everytime
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