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Sour taste in my throat, how about yours?

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I have acid reflux and often have a sour taste in my throat. Can anyone tell me if this is due to excess stomach acid or the lack of stomach acid?
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Usually too much stomach acid as it is coming up that far to taste it. I was diagnosed with acid reflux and it kept getting worse and worse, and toward the end, I started tasting acid - yuk. After a few more months and a couple of days forgetting my prilosec I ended up in the hospital. Turns out is wasn't acid reflux - it was a gallbladder full of stones (over 30). After they removed it, the pain and everything was gone.------------------DeAnn "Dee"
thanks for the reply.I will ask my gastro about that when I go on Oct. 11th.
Hi throatburn, and welcome to the BB.
I don't have GERD myself, but here is a link to an article on GERD that's pretty interesting. I'm sorry about your reflux. From what other people here say it sounds like it can be pretty uncomfortable.JeanG
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