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Spasm relief?

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I had a terrible day yesterday. From 3:30am to 4:30pm, I felt like I was in labor. I tried peppermint tea, peppermint altoids Dicyclamine (Bentyl). Nothing seem to work. I was so exausted and crying. I almost went to the emergency room. These spasms seem to last longer and longer. I called my regular doctor, who after 6 hours finally got back to me and said to take metamucil. I thought that was a terrible idea. Then my gastro doctor finally called and said to try an enema and if that didnt work try drinking citrate of magnesia. Luckily just as my kids were pulling out to get these things for me, I finally went and it was liquid. My question is has anyone found anthing that helps these awful spasms? I couldn't live like this, if I start getting them more frequently. I don't know how some of you do it. I usually get them about once a month.
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I have the sharp pain that is usually on my lower left side.Taking Dicyclamine has helped greatly. I was on a much lower dose originally which didn't help much, but since I've been on the 20mg dose its helped a lot.In addition on days when the pain is really bad I take Nortryptaline (spelling?) and I take a 25MG dose before I go to bed and a 10MG dose when I wake up.
The Dr. has me taking 10 ml of Dicylamine 3x a day. Do you take yours as a preventive or just as needed.What is Nortryptaline?Thanks for your reply.
I was on the lower dose of Diclyamine as well at first (it was actually called Bentyl but I think its the same drug). I can't remember the exact dosage, but when my GI boosted me to the 20Mg dose thats when it started to work for me.It says to take it 4 times a day but I only take it as needed because it makes me really drowsy.Nortryptaline lasts for a longer period of time, but it can make you drowsy all day.
I take Hyoscyamine- it helps with gas and any cramping.
Thanks KC and AlmostFamous. I was thinking about upping the dose on my own the next time this happens. I can't deal with another 13 hours of that pain.It's like being in labor without the pain medication.
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