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Spasmonal n buscopan, any point?

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Hello, I'm new! Quick summary: I was diagnosed with IBS 10 years ago, was tested for Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis and Coeliac as they're in my family. I'd been fine for years until now! I was back-packing the world and started getting really bad bloating, wind and diarreoah (excuse spelling!). Went to a doc in Australia who thought it was Gastro and took anti-biotics. I've since taken peppermint capsules, De-gas tablets, Deflatine, cut out coffee and anything that tastes interesting. Saw my GP 3 times since coming home as I'm getting progressively worse every day for over a year now. Had an ultra-sound done to check for Reproductive issues....all normal. SO now I'm taking Spasmonal and Buscopan, eating very little but not losing weight, bloated to the point of looking heavily pregnant, stabbing pains, embarrassing wind, consequently no social life.....what more can I do and is there any point taking these drugs??? ALSO... has colonic irrigation helped anyone?All advice much appreciated! Thanks
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