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Stabbing Pain?

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I just had exams, and it required me to sit in a very uncomfortable chair for 2 hours... now when i push to go to the toilet, i just get really bad sharp pain all around my bowel, doesnt feel like its moving at all, left it for 30 minutes, and now when i go it feels like im trying to pass a knife. this isnt necessarily concistant, but when i do things like that it is rather reo-currant. Is this part of the IBS or is there some other problem there?
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Hi mitch. Do you notice any blood on your toliet paper or in the stool? It could be hemmeroids. I know when I sit on a hard surface for any length of time, mine will act up. It usually feels like I am passing knives, especially if I have to strain for a bm, and I usually get some bright red blood on the t.p. maybe a little in the stool as well. It usually stops within a day or two. If you are very concerned call your doc.
I get those stabbing pains sometimes and it hurts like hell when you need to, uh...go. But as soon as I pass the poops it stops. There is some blood on the t.p. for me too at those times, which my doc has said is caused by the friction of the poops passing through or your bum hole tears a tad. Sounds gross, but that is what I was told and it makes sense to me!
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