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Started on Zelnorm

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I started on Zelnorm 2 days ago also. I am experimenting, watching what I eat. What I am doing is taking the Zelnorm in the morning and just before supper. Then before bedtime I am taking a stool softner. So far I have had good results. But.............we will see if it stays that way.
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Maureen, you don't have any side effects from the Zelnorm?
I'll keep my fingers crossed that it works for you! I've had good luck since last Feb with Z.
Cindy, I have read about some of the side effects. Heahaches and etc. But have had no problems that I can tell. I have always had migraines, but they have not bothered me in awhile. So I will have to wait and see for side effects.Tiss, glad to hear the Z has helped for you. I am hoping that is has the same effect for me.
Wow, Maureen, that's great. It sounds like so far this is working great for you!
Hope it continues for you.
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