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I am new here and have been diagnosed with Crohns for 15 years or more now. About 18 months ago I started having intense bloating and cramps and after going through the usual process for Crohns it was determined that this was not a flareup. Nothing shows on camera, steroids do not work as they did before. After having a hydrogen breath test which returned positive for both Lactose and Glucose, the suspicion was that it was SIBO. Antibiotics had a mild effect for a while but didn't solve the problem so I was referred to a dietitian and put on a Low Fodmap diet.

I had the first call with the dietitian on Monday where an overview was given. I have also looked at the Fodmap A to Z app, but haven't signed up to FoodMaestro or Moneash yet.

This is all new to me and I am already begging to see discrepancies between what I was told during the conference call and the app. I am still waiting on an information booklet from the NHS. I have had a Google but was wondering whether there is a Fodmap diet specific group anywhere (UK focused preferable) where I can get clarification on what foods are allowed/not allowed, the diet in general as well as maybe get some recipe ideas?

So far, 3 days in I am feeling rather worse......
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