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There are two things I do to make the morning commute tolerable. First, know where you can 'stop-and go' if it is really necessary (believe me, I know probably all of the stopping places in the metro Orlando area) as just knowing where the next available toilet is takes care of the anxiety. Depending on the time that I'm on the road, several McDonalds and Burger Kings as well as 24-hour Albertsons and Home Depots are my 'just-in-case' choices. I'm on the road a lot and commute to different locations so I've had to mentally compile a list of many acceptable 'stopping places'. Second, I don't eat or drink anything but water until I am at or real close to my destination. If I eat before leaving home my system goes into action right in the middle of my commute and it's almost certain that I'll have to stop. Forget coffee or tea! They kick in unpredictably and usually without much warning--just what you need while sitting in slow-moving traffic. I've had to live most of my life around this disease (the last 26 years) and I can't wait until someone finds a cure. It probably won't happen anytime soon.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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