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Immodium is a great idea, especially for the first week or two when you will be really nervous. But you might not want to use it forever as in some people it can lead to C.How long does your morning D usually last? If you have to leave for work at 7, would it make sense to get up at 5, eat, and give your system a chance to do its thing? Not forever, of course, but maybe until you build up some confidence.What I used to do was eat a tiny breakfast when i first woke up, like a half bowl of oatmeal. Then I had an hour or two for that to settle before work, depending on when I got up. Then after getting to work, I would have a small snack like a banana or applesauce. Then I was usually okay the rest of the day as long as I was careful about what I ate.The Catrate may kick in. Mine took a couple of weeks to really show a big improvement. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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