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Stategy for recurring diverticulitis

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I am looking for some advise to have a plan to head off any diverticulitis flares....I actually had surgery for this years ago, but got an infection again 2 years ago and a few weeks ago.!!!!--The meds make me VERY sick (why I finally agreed to have surgery)---I felt better after the week of meds, but now started feeling that achy again---so I am wondering if anyone has any hints as to what to do to try to prevent any of this brewing from really escalating into a real flare??? My BMs are just fine, I take probiotics, fiber supplements,aloe vera, etc.....Anyone try just a few days of cipro? donnatol? heat? exercise? ANYTHING????This sinks.
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Generally if you take antibiotics you want to take the full course, not just a day or two here. Taking them for too little time can increase drug resistance and make it harder to treat either in you or when someone else gets bacteria from you.There can be some achiness from abdominal surgery so every pain may not be another infected diverticuli.I'm not sure it treating the pain with the meds or heat will prevent the infection or make it go away once it starts. However the diet and aloe are usually things that help the infection from starting.
This book has strategies for diverticulitis. luck
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