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I know most of the health food stores promote it is a sweetener without any bad effects (and it can be sold as a nutritional supplement), but I also know the FDA has yet to approve it for use in foods as an artificial sweetener....I'll see if I can find anything,00.html says it is in the same family as ragweed daisy and chrysanthemums. Do you have seasonal allergies/hay fever? It may be cross reacting as if you ate ragweed (rather than got the pollen) and that could definitely cause that sort of reaction in the gut. is some more of the why it isn't in foods in the US (and most other countries) While Japan uses it in foods it is used in a few foods and not consumed in the same quantities as it would be if it were in soft drinks and stuff like that.But the "it is all natural so OF COURSE it is safer and better for you than ANY CHEMICAL" folks generally go to it is a conspiracy that it is not widely used in food in developed countries other than Japan.K.
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