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Hi everyone! After two months of scrolling through this forum I decided to sign up and jot down what Ive been experiencing lately. Reading similar symptoms and stories from people having the same problems has been really helpful and reassuring for me.

Ive been to my GP four times in the past two months regarding stomach issues. Ive always been low with my fiber intake, never drinking enough water etc, and so any digestive issues Ive had in the past, I put down to that, and they often went away within a few days. I have not yet been officially diagnosed with IBS, I do have another appt with my GP this week and I hope to be referred to a specialist, but I do believe in the strong link between your brain and your stomach - and mine seem to be foes at the moment!

Almost three months ago, I had a work function and drunk alcohol. It was a regular amount, not more than I usually drink, causing no hangover, sickness etc, but the next morning I woke with an excruciating sharp stomach pain in the lower abdomen that came and went, lasting for 48 hours. I went to the dr as soon as I could and she put it down to gastritis and gave me omezaprole. However, this pain subsided and in its place left constant abdominal bloating, tightness, tenderness in the upper abdomen, belching and a feeling of fullness. Back to the dr and I was told that my pains could be due to anxiety or stress, or that it likely could be in my head. My blood tests came back clear and I was given a De Gas prescription but one month later, I am having the same symptoms. The upper abdominal tenderness and bloating bothers me the most. Ive tried exercising and eating better but the pain does not subside. I wake up feeling heavy and go to bed feeling heavy. Could this be gastritis, an ulcer, IBS, or anxiety?

I am a naturally anxious person and not being able to get a diagnosis yet has been worrying. I try not to stress but its difficult when the uncomfortable pain is with me at every step. I do believe that my anxiety is making whatever stomach problem I have worse, but I cant snap out of it.

I have read that stress and anxiety can greatly effect your gut, and though thats fascinating, I think its difficult for us sensitive-stomach people to get relief. Its easier to be told straight up what the problem is and how to fix it, but when symptoms are spurred on by emotions, it seems an almost impossible ailment to cure. Appreciate any advice.
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