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Hello,I will post at the main board as well but thought I'd try here for anyone who might have experienced something like this.Way over a year ago I had experienced a feeling of passing out.... without actually passing out. It would last seconds/minutes and the worst was I experienced a 'staring gaze' where I could see and hear everything going on but felt 'out of it'; like unable to do anything but sit there. Had numerous bowel movements at the same time; once I was apparently finished with bowel movements that 'out of it' or staring gaze feeling went away immediately. Had every test you could imagine and nothing was found. Back in January had a brief experience that I felt like dropping or passing out [did not see stars or anything] just a brief sort of lapse and it went away. I then had the urge to have a B.M. This happened again a few weeks ago followed by a B.M. For the last few weeks have felt weak on and off like dropping but never have and usually either have a bowel movement or toot and then feel fine. I've been doing really well for a year without much pain etc from IBS and the only thing I've had a problem with is tooting [rather smelly] and one bad occasion of proctalgia [shooting pain in back end].GI hasn't a clue.GP doesn't think its bacteria or any disease.I think maybe stools are pushing against nerves in colon which sends message to my head . GP says possible for stool to press on nerve or gut action to invoke parasympathetic nervous system. Told me to watch my pulse when it happens [as if I can count when this is going on!] The heat doesn't help of course but this week have had to take time off work because it is a very scary experience and I can't get things done. Stools have also been all skinny and fairly loose. I really don't think its the big 'Stress' but Man is this frustrating. Now I'm also very tired. Anyone experience anything similar?
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