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Stool problem!

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How come somedays, like I'm having today, my stools are messy, sticky and hard to wipe with lots of urgency and have to keep straining to try to get it all out and some days I have clean stools leaving nothing behind. Why is this?
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Well you have IBS right? So this is just one thing to be expected for IBS'ers and to be honest NO ONE has the same exact stool consistency ALWAYS.... not even non-IBS'ers.
It could also reflect the amount of fiber or the amount of irritants you took in on the preceding day. (Of course, that may have nothing at all to do with it.) With all of my other symptoms eliminated, these are what remains for me.Mark
I don't know if I have IBS but all the symptoms are there.
All I ate last night was a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich which I eat every night and later some Hershey's candy bars and that's all I ate for the night before bed.
Even with the exact same diet every day the stools will vary in consistency if they go through faster one day than another.High fat, High starch, High sugar foods like a peanutfluffer sandwich and chocolate bars (especially if on white bread) are not going to give your stool much fiber to stick together and come out clean and the high fat will push everything in the colon along faster than usual.
I don't know if I have IBS but all the symptoms are there.
It is never a good idea to self diagnose. IBS mimics many other GI disorders.So I would urge you to seek a diagnosis from a Dr.All the best
PamlynI agree with BQ,you should see your Doctor to discuss all your symptoms and how you are feeling.I myself persistently strain on the toilet everyday as it is the only way the stools come out,i am not typically constipated my Doctor says!and my stools are always soft.Even with D i strain,my bowel never feels empty.Hope you get some answers.
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