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hi all this is Dan from Ontario Canada. i was rading in past Posts something about Stools and if there Pencil shaped?well i have had this from time to time. like fo today for example. i'm outta town and in a Hotel for a few nights. i had Pizza last night and this morning i didn't feel like going for a BM. well i did anyways and the Stools were like Pencil shaped. kinda cool too there were all different shapes but not really thin a Pencil.i think i didn't really have to make a BM but i forced myself anyways? any Commments? pleaseeee :) thank you again for listening to me.-Dan-
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Only an issue if you ONLY have pencil width stools.That indicates the rectum is partially blocked, usually by a tumor.But that is only if that is the ONLY kind you have. If you ever have wider stools it is from spasms, or not enough bulk in the diet, or your colon moved things to fast so they don't have a chance to accumulate in the rectum and get wider..K.
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