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I have not been diagnosed with IBS but everything I have read leads me to think I have it. I have an appointment tomorrow to have an ultrasound due to a poking pain I have in my left side lower and to the right of the naval. What I want to know is does anyone have a strange taste in their mouth like well uh best thing I can explain it as is rotting food or old food. My symptoms are basically anytime I eat food I get a gurgling in my abdomen and sometimes a "fluttering feeling" and within hours I have horrible cramps and pass little bits of stool and then more crapms and a little more stool and eventually a round of "regular" stool accompanied by a lot of cramping. I want to start on probiotics.. most of the little bit I have read has been comments from people with D and not C saying that they help... anyone with C who says they help??What do you all eat.. I am terrified of food at this point and I am supposed to go on a family reunion on Saturday... away from home and eating out... eeeek Help! Kagrez
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