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In medical marijuana you know the percentages of non-psychoactive CBD verses THC (equal to or lower of THC is better). In some straiins, the thc can be less than 1% and can even be near 0. Can be vaped. Ask dispensary for their lab reports. The cbd can bring down or cancel out or the thc effects, if thc is equal to or less than, not above cbd percentage/ratio. It really works for me! You would really have to be sure that a hemp cbd extract company is providing a good quality product;Please look for their lab results on their website. If I want to get around 20-25mg/(10-13mg 2X/day) day of cbd from my ACDC strain, I found I can make 6 or so 20mg portions from that 120mg/12% cbd strain's gram;that comes to $75-80/mo. Alot cheaper than the work that goes into manufacturers extracting cbd from hemp cost. You might need more mg/day, but probably at least 20-25mg per Mayo clinic for most avg. digestive problems. Titrate up either way.
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