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Stringy poops

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Recently I have started the Ketogenic diet (I have epilepsy and the medical profession has studies to show its been helping with the symptoms for almost 100 years now) and I have just started noticing my poops have a mucus around them, and a weird string like thing is linking my poops together. Sometimes it breaks between the poops but mostly i have to yank them apart if i can't go anymore?! Its really freaking me out and i dont know if its coincidence from changing my diet or there is something wrong with my bowel or digestive system.

Ive always had small pellet like poops (about in inch diameter), dark and fairly hard so i know my digestive system isn't great, but they have got softer since changing my diet and less frequent because i'm eating less rubbish.

Note - The keto diet limits carb intake to around 5-7% (sugar), increases healthy fats to 70% and protein to around 15%.

Anyone got any experience with this or know what it may be?
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