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Hi guys; I'm about one week on this list; have gotten SO much imformation that has been helpful.My IB diagnosis is fairly new. Here are some things I've been doing after reading lots of your messages- in AM at breakfast have been having non fat milk and non fat ricotta instead of cheese and 1% milk. I think this has helped!- have been charting all food and all bm's to see patterns and possible trigger foods- take one scooper of citrucell each AM- using ground up flaxseed in cereal- have eaten some rice with lunch and had a banana this week!Some of these dietary changes are a big deal. I am obese and need to lose 130 pounds : ( I've been playing with parts of three different food plans. there are rules and some forbidden foods on these plans. I'm finding that some of these rules go against some reccomendations for IBS.. so I'm experimenting/ eliminating some things, adding others to try and get things more under control. BTW, I generally have the D form of IBS ( urgent sudden "attacks", horrible gas!)- yesterday I started taking extra strength Gas X right after each meal or major snack, I think it;s helping! Thank God!!! I was gassing up every where I went and it's been downright depressing. This whole IBS thing has had me down : ( But I'm feeling much support and encouragement from this group!I'd really appreciate any feedback about the things I'm trying; have similar things helped or not helped you? Thanks for everything especially thanks to whoever created this group! Faye
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