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Subdivisions of IBS

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Hi,I've been thinking about this for some time and with all the different ways people's IBS begins combined with all the different ways people treat their IBS, it seems that their should be about 10 etc. subdivisions of IBS. I recently found my symptoms are the same as >1% within the US but about 10% as others with IBS in Scandinavia. I wonder if this is because I come from a Scandia background. Or since this all began for me after I got giardia in Russia and more people in Scandia go to Russia too. Anyways there must be some reason all our symptoms/treatments are so different. I suspect eventually IBS will get greater divisions than the C, D, or A. I also believe that eventually they will find a biological reason for this problem. I just wish it's soon!LouLou
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loulou,where did you get those percentages from?tom
Loulou, ps email on the way.This is something you might want to read new on IBS.Its medscape gastroenterology website and you have to sign in, but its free and excellent resource and they don't sapm email you. I highly recommend it.
Tom - I got these percentages from Dr. E. A. Mayer.Eric - Is there a particular article(s) which you recommend? Also thanks for the update. I feel rather at the end of my rope with this IBS.Thanks, LouLou
Lou Lou Dr mayer is a good source.
Yes on the article its the one from the link.Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Taking Concepts Into Clinical Practice CMEChairperson: Michael D. Gershon, MD; Faculty: Kevin W. Olden, MD; Walter L. Peterson, MD; Nicholas J. Talley, MD, PhD; Gervais Tougas, MD, CM, FRCPC
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