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my impressionfrom a phone call i received today is that the LAG has achieved a substantial victory. we have been heard loud and clear by the FDA and those in the media who have kept up with events. the general public, congress, and other groups and organizations will follow, and the kind of reforms Dr. Drossman feels are needed wil happen [with a lot of work] i want to personally thank all who have emailed, written, called, and shared their stories unfortunately this does not solve the immediate need for lotronex by those who have exhausted or about to exhaust their supplies. this seems to dependend on what GSK has to say to their investors on Thursday, at least at this point. tom thanks allYahoo! Groups Sponsor www. To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:lotronex-unsubscribe###yahoogroups.comThe Lotronex email watch list was organized bymembers of the IBS Self Help Group. Visit thediscussion forum about Lotronex at The Lotronex website is You don't have to cope alone.
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