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Hi all - especially Kath. I took the advice about Levsin and went on my first trip since IBS has become my life. I drove from MA to ME ( two hours ) with my new prescription bottle in my lap just in case! I think just knowing that it was there in an emergency helped a lot. In fact I parked in Portland< ME and just walked around for an hour without knowing where there were bathrooms and I actually had FUN!!! Fun was something I thought was only a thing of the past - but I went to the beach, went on a couple of amusement park rides and enjoyed myself for a change!! I did however need to use the Levsin once I got home. I was home for about an hour when the pain struck ( and I hadn't had any pain for about 5 or 6 days ). Has this happenend to anyone - seems totally psychosomatic to me!!!
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