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About 1 year ago, I was in Hawaii on vacation and really enjoying myself. We went swimming with dolphins in the wild and camping on a remote beach. I also noticed some wild birds bathing in the infinity pool at the condo where we stayed. I had also eaten sushi while I was there as well. Within a few days, I noticed that my once active digestive system was very blocked up. Then the pain started.

I went to a doctor in Hawaii. He gave me a prescription for Cipro. I had taken it before for travelers diarreah after coming back from Thailand. It had a minor effect, but not much.

When I got back to FL, I told my primary care doctor the the whole story. Sushi, dolphins, camping, etc .

He told me I had IBS (no tests were provided). he gave me a prescription for Linzess. I think Linzess made it worse. Definitely not better.

Two doctors and about 2 months later, I finally got some tests. Colonoscopy, endoscopy, finally got a stool test (no parasites), ultrasound, and blood work. Guess what? I am totally healthy! I was down about 25 pounds by the end of the charade. I went from 145 lbs to 123 lbs. I am about 5' 5". People that knew me, though I was dying.

Good bless my sister and a very open-minded doctor in Pittsbugh (Dr. Pierotti). They both said, "you might have a parasite." we tried Praziquantyl first (no luck, big $) and then Flagyl (my sister's idea, but Dr. P. agreed).

By this point, I really couldn't eat much. Anything besides kale salad and few other items doubled me over in pain. The Flagyl was 10 days of pure hell, since the symptoms got worse. I almost quit in the middle. I was literally begging for mercy. I took 1 day off in the middle of the Flagyl regimen and then got back on it. Within a day or two after the 10 day regimen, I started to feel better. It is one year later and I am 155lbs. I would love to complain that I am too fat, but I will never do that again. Went to India in January and ate lots of Indian food. No parasites and I feel great!

I later learned that parasites usually don't show up in stool samples. If you have sudden onset IBS, try a round of Flagyl. You might be miserable for 10 days, but you might feel better after that. Check with your dr first (hope she has an open mind), but it was worth the side effects for me,

Good luck!

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