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"THE INVISIBLE DIET" By William Farabaugh. Try this book, it is certainly motivational and it has a great message on how to lose weight by using your subconscious mind.This book reveals a revolutionary new concept in weight loss and is developed to impel action, for it is the actions taken on a daily basis that affect your weight. Most people do not understand that the actions they take at any given moment are subconsciously driven, not a willed event.An example is in order: Ahead of you is a narrow stretch of concrete about 2 feet wide and 20 feet long, on each side is grass. Could you walk that path without stepping on the grass? Most likely you could. Now take this walkway and place it connecting as a bridge several hundred feet above the ground! Remember, there are no rails. Could you walk the distance? No, not likely! You would make a step or two and freeze. Even if someone were to give you a million dollars if you could make it across you would not be able to. Your imagination would dominate your thought, and the dominating thought would be that of falling and danger, therefore you would not get across.Contemporary weight loss concepts try to convince you, in a very logical way, to will a specific outcome by following their strategy. It is just like saying, using the example above, walk across that precarious bridge and you will lose weight. What is not taken into account is the effect the imagination has in achieving the desired final outcome. These diets have really nothing new to offer. They push the message, eat less, eat better, eat less frequently, eat more frequently, don't eat fat, keep away from fast food, exercise this way, exercise that way, etc. They do not address the issue of sacrifice and other ideas that stir in the imagination.None of this in "The Invisible Diet", it is taken for granted you know what is good and bad. This diet is a system that once understood takes only a couple of minutes a day and provides you with a means to overcome your weight problem and perhaps other problems that you may encounter in life. It is constructed to influence your imagination so that it will be your ally and not your enemy. This is truly an effortless weight loss program.
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