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Suggestions for those trying new meds

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Over the years, I have tried lots of different prescription meds, and most of them didn't work out for one reason or another. One thing I learned is to ask the doctor for free samples of a new med. If samples are not available, then when you get your prescription filled, ask the pharmacist how much the full prescription costs. If it is expensive, only have it partially filled. Try a week's supply rather than a month's supply. This may not work for everyone. It worked for me until I changed insurances. With my new insurance, I can only get a month's worth at a time. If I want less, I still have to pay the same price.Debbie------------------ I have a photographic memory. Sometimes I just run out of film.
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Debbie, that is such an obvious (one would think) but great suggestion! It never occurred to me (and I'm sure others), not just to ask for the samples, but to ask for half a month's supply or something. I had been wondering, should I choose to go on some new med that didn't work (even an anti-depressant, so many of which DON'T work), how I'd handle it financiallt!
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