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I posted a thread on the IBS bb and now I feel confused - I been told by a specialist that I have IBS although the symptoms don't seem to match anyone elses!I began 2 feel unwell last june and thought I was developing a virus or something- then developed what I think was a stomach bug - my upper stmoach felt like it was on fire and had a pain in my lower side, this cleared up quite a bit then yo yo'd for a couple of months, I then developed a pain in my lower abdomen and had diarrhea and a small nausea sensation, I went to see my GP who was very unhelpful and after 3 months of doing nothing reffered me to a specailist by this stage although the diarrhea wasn't too bad the nausea and pain I felt caused me to stop work, I could only force myself to eat a few slices of toast a day and sip water, I lost over a stone in body weight (I was skinny anyway)and to be honest thought I was dyeing, the specialist did an endoscopy, colonoscopy, barium meals and blood tests, all showed up clear apart from a few minor abnormalities in lower small intestine -the terminal illieum, he informed me that there wasn't enough enough inflamation to suggest crohns diesease although did some follow up barium meals which were all normal, since the new year it has been slowing improving and have put all the weight back on, my symptoms now is 1) Nausea, but no vomiting 2) although I have no pain I have a very sore spot in my lower right abdomen and a general feeling of tenderness of the whole abdomen, I only need to go to the toilet about 4 times a day but the stools are quite soft. Im getting pretty desperate because the nausea keeps me from doing everything! im pretty much house bound, im currently taking amitriptyline 3*10ml dialy.But it doesn't feel like an upper abdominal problem, I have no indigestion, no hearthurn and was taking nexium for 2 months previous without any help what so ever.My specialist diagnosed me with post infection irratable bowel syndrome but while looking for advice from others haven't found a single person who seems to have simular symptoms! Do you think it is possible that I may infact have something different or is it the IBS that probably is to blame?Bye the way - im a twenty year old meal and apart from the nausea feel in good health
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