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Survey: Chronic Constipation: Quality of Life and Treament

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A new survey has been posted which aims to gather data based on a diagnosis of IBS-C or Chronic Constipation; the quality of life, the treament and side effects from that treatment.In particular this is in reference to Zelnorm (tegaserod), currently indicated for IBS-constipation predominant sufferers, and going before an FDA Advisory Committee in July 2004 for its new indication of Chronic Constipation.The survey has 9 multiple-choice questions. Results will be published after July 9, when the survey closes.If you experience constipation, please take 5 minutes to complete the survey here:;f=31;t=000007 Jeff
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Thanks again Jeff.Because i go every day my C is not "chronic" but extremely unconfortable.Mostly trapped gas and unform stool.Maybe that's why Z gave me D because i'm so irritated...
I took only one pill and it took few days to recover.First pill:high amplitude cramps and big D 30 min. after the drop.
But one thing i like is the peristaltic feeling was kicking in but far too extrem.I think they need more research to adjust the chemicals.Still wait....
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Jeff:The side-effects I suffered from Zelnorm weren't listed on the survey. Is there an additional area where we could add any other sid-effects? I had severe dizziness and equilibrium problems after only 1 pill (3 mg). We tried reducing it down to 1 mg and the problem was still severe. I also had terrible nausea.Take care.Renee'
Renee,Listing them here means they will be captured.Thanks,Jeff
I have had some lower back pain which I can only attribute to Zelnorm but I don't really know--it is listed in the pamphlet as a SE. I have had some dizziness although it is slight and did not bother me after a few weeks.
Zelnorm may have it's place on the market.If it help only one sufferer,it have to stay.The others sufferers only have to stay away from it.
Jeff:Thanks for including my side-effects. I was so disappointed that I couldn't tolerate the medication as I had had such hope. It has been good for many people, but, unfortunately, not for me.Take care.Renee'
hey folks,if you post all your bad side effects and failures with the drug, you will take the drug away from those of us who are helped by about keeping it positive?Please!
getnold, Those of us that have benefited from Zelnorm (and there are many of us) are writing letters to the addresses posted. Every drug has side effects and not one drug is going to help 100% of everyone that takes it. I think that if anything, listing ill effects from a drug might help the company improve the drug so that they don't have the SE, or, like my case, listing SE that to me are minor and I can live with. It is important (in my opinion) to know all about a drug (positive and/or negative) before I take it. It's not like these SE are not listed on the pamphlet, because they are. Jeff asked us to tell him what SE we may have had that is not on the survey and apparently the FDA and (I would think) Novartis would like this info too.
tiss,your comments are perfectly valid under normal circumstances. however, the whole point of this zelnorm review is to TAKE IT OFF THE MARKET. They are only looking for reasons to remove it from existance. my only comment is, let's not give them any more ammunition than they already have.
getnold, i really do get your point. I just think that any of us holding back info could only come back to bite us--know what I mean?
My arms falls down everytime Dr.Gherson claims the benefits and the high expectations about Z.I'm just disapointed that it failed for me.I still on my own...But we probably still on the rigth way.
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