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Symptoms worse around period?

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I know that I have read on this board, women saying that their symptoms are worse around menstruation. I have kept a journal for about a year and have seen a definite pattern of worsening symptoms around this time. I have read that the University of North Carolina is doing some studies regarding this. I wish I knew what to do . It seems as though, if I am lucky, I'll have 8 days of no pain and sort of normalcy, but the rest of the time I am trying to recover from the hormonal influence of menstruation. It's pain and bloating and gas and constipation before my period, then loose bowels with pain during, then major constipation afterwards for 4 days or so. By the time it's all over, it's only a week before it starts again. I wish I could have a hysterectomy if it would alleviate the pain and suffering. I feel hopeless, and sad and tired of all this. I am tired of being my own research team. Looking for relief and trying to survive in a world that doesn't stop or slow down for illness. Does any one else have 3 or more kids trying to cope with this?
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I use to notice much more gas just before my period started and the first couple of days .
Thank God that is no longer something that I have to live with. Old age has some blessings.
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Thank goodness I'm not alone. I get very similar symptoms. Mine seems to worsen around ovulation time, and continue into my period. as you can guess this covers about 2 weeks or more. I too get the constipation just after my period, and that lasts about a week with hard small stools and that is painful too. Of course I am 39 and had my tubes tied since my 3 year old was born. This seems to have been when things got worse for me. Anyone else with this?
I'm going to be 39 in a month and I also had my tubes tied. My youngest is 2 years old. I noticed the change after my tubes were tied also. I looked on the Internet to see what info there was on the effect tubal ligation has on hormones, but supposedly it doesn't. Hopefully, researchers will make some headway soon.
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I get constipation and bloating in the week or so leading up to my period, and then during, too. The bloating seems to being getting worse at the moment...the other week, someone I hadn't seen for a while asked me if I was pregnant (I'm not, of course!)...that was pretty embarassing as it was at my boss's retirement do, in front of all my work colleagues. I felt ridiculous and didn't quite know what to say or do...a hole in the ground would have been very welcome at that precise moment! I also get very emotional for the 2 weeks before my period, i.e. weepy and oversensitive. I've started taking vitamin supplements targeted at menstruating women, as I've read that low levels of B vitamins can give you PMS. For me, I feel that I'll probably never alleviate the IBS, but, at least if I'm less emotional, I'll feel less depressed and embarrassed by my delinquent digestive system. I think it's all about finding what helps you to cope, 777...I hope the above is reassuring / maybe even helpful in some way.
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I feel the same way around my period. I have 4 children. This all started a year after I had my 4th child. My gyno gave me some Sarafem to take it helps me out with the mood swings alot. It helped me so much that my kids could tell when I was taking it or not. Poor babies. Can you imagine how upset I must have been if they could tell when I was taking it or not. They would even remind me to take
I seem to have the same problem also. (and a few months ago I tried to explain this my doctor who looked at me like she had no idea what I was talking about)This month I increased exercise, took calcium supp.(w/magnesium) at bedtime and increased water intake...there was slight improvement (I didn't begin this routine until a few days before the period). I'm going to continue this through the next cycle to see if there is a major improvement.**Keeping a log is good...and I think possibly going on a very restricted diet or fast either the week before, during or after the cycle may also help.
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