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Tap Water ???

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I'm curious if anyone else has tried this...Stop drinking tap water.I'm a life-long IBS sufferer (30 years) and recently I decided to stop drinking tap water (based solely on instinct). I have only been drinking purified or distilled bottled water for about 1 month now, and I have seen a big decrease in my IBS. I usually drink 4 to 8 glasses/day (before and after the switch) and my diet hasn't changed at all.After I noticed the improvement, I started to research it, and haven't had much luck finding anything. But I did find one article that stated that our body absorbes vitamins better when we drink distilled water... something to do with electrical current... that distilled water apparently doesn't conduct. *** this needs more study, but I wanted to bring it to light.This may not work for everyone... and it may be a temporary thing for me.... but I would like to know if this could be an answer.
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I just wanted to add that I was raised on well water (when my symptoms were only minimal). Then I moved to the city and started drinking city water (my symptoms increased every year).I haved changed locations a few times... most recently across the country (and my symptoms got even worse). I realized that the only thing in my diet that really changed was the tap water.
We have to consider the fact that it might be impossible to completely avoid tap water altogether. If you visit a restraunt or a bar, and have a drink the ice is probably made out of tap water (correct me if I'm wrong).
Yes, but that shouldn't stop people from exploring this. If you want a cure or even just an improvement, you have to be willing to try anything. Even if it isn't perfect.Besides, if you improve your condition, chances are your body will be able to handle the small amounts of uncontrollable substances that you consume.
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