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Tapes VS CDs

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I am considering buying the tapes or CDs. I wnat to listen at night while in bed. Do the tapes and CDs work the same - I want to just crash while listening to them...
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srhackett, they are both the same. The CD's might last longer, but its a preference thing.Believe me when I say crashing with them won't be a problem.
The first two weeks I slept like a baby.
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Hello SR:Eric is right - you won't have any trouble relaxing while listening to the tapes. Quite a few of us fall asleep, that's how soothing they are.I finished them a year ago, and still listen now and then. My favorite time is night also since they seem to make my sleep better.Have fun!JeanG
Thanks for your replies - let me be more specific with my question. If I play the tapes or CD's - after the session for that day - I assume they will keep playing - I want to be able to put the tape or CD in and hit the sack and not have to worry about progressing on the tape when I am not supposed to - so I didn't know fi the tapes or CD would be better - or if it just doesn't matter and just order the damn things!
The tapes are set up so there is one session on one side of the tape, so it just plays to the end. I dunno how the CD's are set up, but even if there were more than one session on a CD, most CD players can be set up to play one and only one track.K.------------------I have no financial, academic, or any other stake in any commercial product mentioned by me.My story and what worked for me in greatly easing my IBS:
I have the CDs..they have two tracks on each of the three CDs..if you are listening on a personal player, like a walkman type as I do with the headphones, there is no automatic setting, so if you are listening to track one, you will either sleep thru the next track, or do as I do, and press stop. If you are listening to the 2nd track, then it just shuts off by itself. I find this easier than rewinding the session as the tape requires..just a personal preference!!!Hope that answered your question!
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