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test for parasites

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I hate to be so graphic, but I was once told that if your stools (D) have what looks like an oil slick on top( like happens with me on a really bad day ) that it could be a sign of some parasite. I have had my stools checked for parasites twice in a year and each time, negative, but is it possible that these tests don't cover all parasites?After a bout of this type of D my stomach feels perfectly clear.. as if I've come to the end of the line.. at least for that day. This is so embarassing but had anyone else experienced this?Thanks, Libbys
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There is no rule making an "oil slick" indicative of a parasite. If you had fat malabsorption, the stools would probably be bulky, malaodorous, stick to the bowl, and there would be other signs such as weight loss and anemia.
I believe that the "oil slick" is just another form of mucous. It happens often with people who have bowel problems. Ask your Dr. what they think it might be from.
Good question. My doctor checked me for parasites too and actually found 2 kinds in my stool! It has since been cleared. I got it checked again recently and there's nothing, although I still have D and all that jazz.I trust my doctor that what I am going through is no longer because of the parasites, but just IBS. He did say that if you have a history of parasites, IBS could result even though they have been cleared..<< SiMoN >>
I've had my stool checked and there was nothing. But is it possible for a lesser bug (not Ghiardia (sp?) to go undetected by these tests?Thanks - Libbys
Parasites often go undetected in tests. I think I read that parasites are detected only about 10% of the time. It has a lot to do with their cycles.For parasites, take garlic, grapeFRUIT seed extract, pumpkin seeds, blackwalnut herb.
weeblewooble, like that name. I would imagine grapefruit extract would kill about anything. I use it when I feel a cold coming on, it works as well as antibotics but,....... it can also interfeer with some medications.------------------ Don't make ME come down there!!. GOD
I am skeptical that grapefruit and those herbs mentioned can actually kill the parasites. Please enlighten me. Thanks.<< SiMoN >>
What type of parasites are you speaking of? I would think pinworms would make you constipated.
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