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test results

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About a month ago I had my faeces sent away for testing at the Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory. It had to go there because we dont have those type of testing facilities in Australia yet. Anyway I got the results back and luckily they found no parasites but they did find two bad types of bacteria floating around in me as well as a high level of candida. They also discovered that I have plenty of lactobacillus but no bifidobacter in me at all. So now begins the long road to recovery. Unfortunately because of the bacteria in me, I have to be on strong antibiotics for about a month. I am also taking an antifungal for the candida which hopefully will stop it from flaring up even more from the antibiotics. Once all the bacteria is gone then I hope to eliminate all the candida with the antifungal and reclaim my life.What I want to know is - has anyone else had these tests done and what did it show up? Did you find any relief from treatment?I am keeping a positive mind about this and even though the cure is making me feel even worse I am just dying to get through it and feel like a human being again. Will keep you posted of my progress.
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Hi Allie, I have never had the Great Smokies test done, but I did have a few other tests and I was found to have H Pylori, also a bacteria. I have been on mega doses of antiobitics and Prilosec. The constant pain in my stomach has decreased tremendously. I would feel it from morning til night. It's like a dull constant pain. I've had it for as long as I can remember. But now I'm on my second week of this "triple therapy" and I just hope that when I stop the meds. the pain won't come back! Hope everything works out well for you!
I'm really am not trying to sound skeptical, as I do think there is some validity to the candida connection. However, has anyone ever received a different result back from this Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory?
If you can tolerate it, try to eat two 8 0z. servings of yogurt, with live bacteria, daily while on antibiotics. Any flavor but not the frozen variety. The live bacteria note is usually on the label and will balance out the negative effects of the antibiotics.
quote:did find two bad types of bacteria floating around in me as well as a high level of candida
What were the bacteria? Taking antibiotics to kill normal bacteria in the gut (presumably what they found is not abnormal) is probably not a good idea. Having Candida in your gut is not by itself abnormal, either.
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