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I have IBS- (d predominant) which has been on and off for two years. Sometimes I get literal diarrhea, but most of the time I just have chronic loose stool.
My other symptoms are fatigue, shorter sleep than usual, lower tummy pains like trapped wind, gassiness, lower tummy distension, and intolerances to many foods (inasmuch as fiber, wholegrains, fruits and quite a few vegetables make my symptoms worse.)
So my diet is rather restricted.

I have no red-flag symptoms like bleeding, blood in stool, etc. I don't have floating, fatty odd coloured, or smelly stool. When I pass gas it smells like nothing. I had stool tests run by the doctor and there was no sign of any inflammation or infection, or possible cancer red flags. I also had normal blood tests.
It just seems as if my gut is not absorbing enough water, and/or my gut transit is too fast.

I got some Tormentil tincture, and took some once or twice when I had a really bad flare up. But that was just a one-off dose, and I thought it might have helped but wasn't really sure.

Then I got an idea, to try taking it daily as a single dose anyway whether I was having a very bad flare or not.
Recently my gut has just felt blahh, rather than severely flaring. But I've had to be so careful about what I eat because I haven't been able to tolerate very much outside of my "safe food" choices.
So I thought I'd try a regular small does of Tormentil to see what happened, whether my stool would become more normal daily.
Twice now that has happened. Today and yesterday.
But I'll keep trying it daily and see if that continues. It might not. My IBS can change on its own anyway randomly, so the only way to tell would be to run the experiment daily for a couple of weeks at least, to see if there were any really steady changes.

There seem to be no warnings of toxicity with daily use of Tormentil herb (Potentilla erecta). And I certainly haven't noticed any kind of side effect from it. It also tastes pleasant and slightly perfumed, though it has a slight "drying" effect on the mouth immediately afterwards which goes away.

In animal studies, no high dose toxicity was reported either (rat and mouse study) and there was no damage noted in any organ of the body. So it seems safe and apparently even for regular use.

So I'll post back here every now and again with updates about how I'm doing, with this experiment.

My goal is to see if my gut will be able to tolerate foods such as legumes, fruits, nuts, and a wider range of vegetables without those things causing too-loose bowel movements while taking this.

Has anyone else tried this herb?

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I thought I'd just add an update to how I did on trying Tormentil herbal tincture for 11 days.
I am not definitely convinced it helped. It's hard to decide what might have been that and what might have happened anyway, as my IBS-D can randomly go away and come back .
I did eat the same foods I usually do while testing it. Not all ultra safe foods, but nothing really high Fodmap.

The first two days I had completely normal bowel movements. I had no gut discomfort either.
Then there were three days when things weren't so bad, but not so perfect either. On the Bristol scale my #2's went from a good 4, to a 5. But still there was no bloating and trapped wind sensations.
Then I got mildly constipated! Nothing horrendous or long lasting as the next day I was okay.
There were four days after that of complete normality. (Gosh I love those.)
Followed by four days of ups and downs....nothing horrible, just "not quite right". Loose bm's again this morning.

I am not sure these changes have anything to do with the tincture I'm experimenting with. I'll give it a little while longer just to see.
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