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Thank God for this web page

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Well, all I can say is " thank god for this web page" 'cos I've been sat here for nearly an hour with tears streaming down my face 'cos every story seems to be straight from my own experiences. For years I have been suffering with the embarrassment of being labelled "Becky - you know the one with the dodgy tummy" and having references to nappies made in my presence. It is such a relief to finally be in touch with people who know exactly what I am going through.My GP (all be it a lovely man) is totally unsympathetic and seems to think the only course of action to take is for me to pooh in a little pot to be told weeks later that there's no bugs in it causing my constant d and that I should eat more fibre which only makes me a lot worse!!I'm thinking of trying the calcium route 'cos I'm sick of Immodium and the tummy pains I have afterwards and I'm sure they're getting less effecive the more often I take them. I've had a really bad episode of d for 4 weeks now and I am so run down, tired and in pain that I am willing to try anything short of a cork up my bottom!!! Please - someone out there tell me that I will get a little better at least!!Yours - VERY gratefullyBecky
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Oh, Becky, I know exactly what you mean. I was made fun of by my parents as a child (they felt it was light hearted). They used to say that on trips I had to try out every bathroom.This past Thanksgiving, they were visiting. FINALLY, they understand I am not "making this up." We went on an outing where there were no bathrooms and I went into a crying and frenzied panic. I was horribly embarrassed, but I could not stop crying (mostly because I HATE to make people wait for me and stop at every gas station). My mother was so comforting and I think she feels really guilty about how they reacted when I was little.I am now fully drugged up and ready to go on a short trip to find a new bed for hubby and myself. I have a pad on, took my Immonium AD, and 2 dycyclomine. My next dr. appointment is January 8 (my birthday, yay). I am going to see about something stronger for the panic attacks.Pretty sad that I have to get tranquilised just to look at furniture in the next town *sigh*.
Becky,Welcome to the board and if you want some help with the calcium for your diarrhea just email me and I would be glad to assist in any way I can.Linda
Well, it's New years eve and we were supposed to go to friends this evening for a major drinking session and food. Guess what? Woke up with the worst d attack and have been feeling dreadful all day. So hubby and I had to ring our wonderful friends who'd been cooking all day and bought loads of drink in to let them know that we wouldn't be coming. Hubby has been brilliant -I wanted him to go but he said it wouldn't be the samewithout me. Can't help feeling really guilty. I am SO SICK of this affecting my life. It's not as if it interferes with my life - it controls it. I have booked myself an appointment with the doctor Jan 2nd to discuss why I can't seem to shake this damn episode of d - i doubt he'll help. God knows how I'm going to cope when I have to go back to work 6th Jan. Well, let's hope 2003 will bring a miracle cure for us all and we can all go back to normality - whatever that is!Beck x.
So glad you found this site! I found it over a year ago and I am thankful everyday for it. Without it I never would have known that Lotronex was coming back, never would have tried Linda's calcium regiment (which works great by the way) I used to take immodium a really lot, now I have cut back. Welcome!!!!!!!!
becky, Try this thread I don't think Igot the other one right. email me if you want info.Linda
Becky,If I were you I would try the calcium like Linda is suggesting. I was in the same situation as you with years of diarrhea. It was controling my life socially and between my husband and myself. My husband has always been suppotive but you know men how can you feel in the mood when everyday you are running to the bathroom. Don't be to shocked if the doctor does not give you any real advice because there is no cure for IBS the only thing you can do is try different remedies to find out what works best for you. The only suggestion that my doctor gave me was to take Metamucil(fiber). That only made matters worse not only did it not cure my diarrhea but it made me so bloated I could not stand it. So then I tried many other things from my nutrient store. Then I found this web site and with taking the advice from Linda I tried the calcium and to my surprise I has worked wonders for. It iis like a miracle I have not had D for weeks. The first couple weeks were not perfect as my body got used to the calcium and I got the right dosage for myself. I actually made it through my fist Christmas being able to eat at other peoples houses and with out taking tons of immodium. Good luck. I know exactly how you feel.
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I can't tell you all how happy I am to have found this website. I have been suffering for 10 years with this problem and was diagnosed with "anxiety" but never ibs. I knew there HAD to be something else going on with me, but felt stupid talking about my symptoms. I had never known ANYONE to have attacks of diarrhea while travelling! I started doing some research after talking with family and they suggested maybe it was ibs. I can't believe that this actually has a name. I feel so much better just knowing that I'm not alone!Thank you!Kris
Hi, I am really glad to have found this website too. I had no idea that so many other people suffered from IBS! It's comforting to know that others can understand where I'm coming from. I think I've actually had it on and off for the past ten years or so, but recently I had two weeks straight of D and was really worried. I went to my dr and she didn't think it was anything else so she thought it was IBS. She suggested I get more exercise, which I am working on, and to reduce stress and eat more fiber. Some days it's not that bad, other days I go to the bathroom 10 times a day, sit at my desk at work in pain, taking Immodium, and worrying if I'll have to take a leave of absence. So has calcium really worked for others? What dosage? In pill form or the chewables? Thanks!! Lisa
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