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thanks, & an update...

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Hi friends,I wanted to thank you all again for answering my "remember me?" post....I guess you did!And, even though this has nothing to do with IBS, (other than I've been irritated as hell!) so many of you offered kind words of support & prayers I felt it was only right to let you know how things are going with my son.To make a long story shot....I awoke one night in May from a sound sleep to find him having a Grand Mal seizure. It was a truly horrendous experience & by far the most terrifying moment of my whole life.We called 911 & got him to the hospital. He ended up haing another a few weeks later. At this point, sleep for me was impossible!He went through tests & it was discovered that he has an area in his brain with some irregular activity which is causing the seizures....NOT Epilepsy atleast!He may grow out of it as he gets older & is now on Medication.That's it in a nut shell. My stress levels through this were far more than I ever thought possible & a few times I thought of coming on the board & spilling my troubles but it really had nothing to do IBS & everyone here has enough on their plate already!To top it all off, in the midst of all this I had a misscariage...something which I will NOT dwell on.Suffice it to say, it was a rough spell & the worst seems to be over. I'm really glad I decided to come back, I've missed you all.Again, thank you for your means more than I can say.keep smiling!
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It sure sounds like you have been going through alot! I am glad that you are back and that things have settled down for awhile. I sure hope that your son gets better, that must be so scary for you. Take care.
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