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Thanks to all

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I'm still a newbie and I just wanted to say a special thanks to everyone participating in the BB. I've had IBS a very long time but no one I know really understands why I don't want to go an a field trip in a van out in the boonies, etc. I don't wish this on anyone but your questions and suggestions have been very helpful. I'm going to try some of the things I have't tried like the Immodium and Caltrate Plus. I have perscriptions that help but don't really like to take them as I'm allergic to alot of things and some chemicals cause bad side effects for me. I know stress doesn't help but I also have many triggers like food, chemcials, heat and humidity for example. So many well meaning people keep insinuating if I would just get myself under control IBS will go away. Or go to the doctor and just get something-they think there has to be a cure and don't realize it can be chronic. Do you all run into this attitude also? I do have some days that our normal, and sometimes may get a whole week of normalcy but that is rare in this last year. Part of my trouble comes when I feel good I tigger myself by overdoing foods I should avoid. Well, I'm rambling on when I just wanted to say thanks and hang in there.Bye now, Rosy
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Glad you found us Rosy and keep reading. You can also do a search for things with the search option. However, I do hear what your saying.------------------
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