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Thankyou Everyone

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Hi Everyone,Just wanted to post this Thank you to you all.I found the IBS support site about a week ago, and since then I have felt much better for all the support I have found here.Just reading through everyone elses posts has helped me enormously.You all have so much courage, and have not lost your sense of humor, even in the face of such adversity.I specially appreciated Denny's post re protective undergarments, a difficult situation handled with great aplomb.I was to a point where I wanted to give up my job, I did not think I could cope with the anxiety of IBS attacks anymore. But after reading of others experiences and courage in trying to live a 'normal' life I have reconsidered.I know I will still have good and bad times, but I feel much better able to cope now given the many suggestions and assistance provided by you, my fellow sufferers. Thank you all for putting things in perspective for me.(((((
Hugs to you all
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Hi again,In relation to Artspirit's 'Smile' post, I just wanted to bump this message back to the top of the board to make sure as many people as possible have a chance to read it.Sabriel :love:
SabrielJust remember you are not alone..and thanks for your kind words...
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