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The Beast Within - or "Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde"

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Okay ladies, here's what's happening. I had a hysterectomy two years ago, leaving the ovaries in place. I'm 39, and believe I am now in peri-menopause. I think this because I have the occasional night sweat (once every eight weeks or so), and monthly mood swings. These are getting worse. In fact, the last two days I spent alternately crying, and raging at things. Is there anything I can take to even out the moods? I try to tell my hubby that I can't help it, that it's hormonal. There's no warning - it just hits. I'm better today. What about something like St. John's Wort when I feel it hit? Any thoughts?
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Hmm, sounds familiar.I had my uterus, tubes, and right ovary 16 years ago. The left ovary still functions and still does the monthly thing. I'm 46 now.A few years ago, the monthly thing got worse--moody, crying/raging, sore breasts to the max, and bloat you wouldn't believe. One day I threw an egg at my poor husband and got pissed and threw my keyboard at work. Broke a damn key.I figured I'd lose my husband, job, or both so I called the doc and asked for Prozac. Well holy ####, what a difference. I can't believe I suffered with pms for so long and didn't have to...I'm almost a normal person. I don't know if it does this for everyone, but I have more happy days than sad now. I laugh easily and don't cry at commercials anymore. I actually have a choice whether I let something get to me or not. I don't have to stew over things anymore. I never throw food, except into the frying pan. And people at work say, gee, Teresa, you're kinda nice. Only I sure have a hard time losing weight now, but that could just be because I'm lazy or my metabolizm has slowed or whatever. The nice thing is I really don't obsess about weight anymore. And I have to say this to you girls: I always heard Prozac and/or menopause slows your sexual drive but that's not the case with me. I actually bought sex toys for my husband and myself; we think menopause is GREAT.So don't give up--there are drugs out there if you want to try them. You could start with the otc stuff and take it from there.Have a great day. -teresa
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