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The Calcium Ingredients That Work For Me

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I have gotten a lot of feed back from many calcium users and for most of us this seems to be the combination of ingredients that helps the most.Vitamin D 200 IUCalcium 600 MG (Calcium Carbonate 500 MG also works)Magnesium 40 MG (A very small amount of this because more can cause diarrhea)Zinc 7.5 MGCopper 1 MGManganese 1.8 MGBoron 250 MCGTake Care,Linda
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I must've been responding to your other posts, while you were answering my questions!
Thank you, Wiggin
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Hey Linda! What's "BUMP" mean???------------------The Dude
Bump is just a way to get the thread up to the top without making much of a comment at the present time.Linda
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