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the mind/body question - only my opinion

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i just want to throw my two cents in (for what it's worth and it may only be worth two cents...) ---there seems to be a lot of postings recently from someone (who i shall not name) who appears to be so determined to "conquer" and "nail" the problem of IBS-C that it is all about science, chemistry, physics and i don't know what else. i am not a doctor nor a shrink, i know next to nothing about human biology 101, but i know this one thing: when i give in and surrender to Life, when i accept Life on Life's terms, when i eat right and drink right and take my magnesium and use olive oil and pray on the Powers that Be to relieve me of the worry and fret about not pooping or not pooping well enough, when i exercise and deep breathe and understand that i can accept the things i cannot change and certainly change the things i can (not rushing the morning clock, taking my time, eating right, giving it up and turning it over and most importantly, looking at MYSELF and at what anger and resentments i am not willing to let go of - CONSTIPATION - instead of screaming and yelling that i will beat this thing and why am i like this and blaming the whole world for everything and refusing to look at my own stuff blocked up inside - again - C) then you know what? i get better. i poop. i relax and the gut relaxes and there you are. now, again, there are people for whom C is in fact organically caused by some malady or another, i was hospitalized for hemorroids years ago due to years of C and laxative abuse and who knows what else. i swore after that that i would never ever go through that again and i have done everything i can to avoid that situation and one of things i had to do was look at MYSELF and not test tubes, histamine levels, bacteria possibilities, and i could go on and on. again, for some, this whole post could be worth less than two cents, but for me, i have to say, i am not C anymore, i go everyday, more than twice, and feel good. there is hope, best, g-
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it might be more appropriate to show you prejudices in your sig file?tom
chris,i just ran a search on your name and found no other posts by you to this forum. from that i will conclude that you registered here soley to attack ghitta on a personal level.this is an open forum for people to post their opinions and suggestions; that is precisely what ghitta did. i have never abused any substance, i hold a post-graduate degree, and i am the exec. v.p. of a corporation, and i agree with everything she has posted. her comments have been among the most helpful on this board for me, and i am healthier because of them.i will be praying for you, chris.
Since I became a member of this bulletin board, not long ago, I've read the bickering that goes on between members that assume to know all about IBS-C. I just shake my head in disbelief; these are supposed to be adults? they sound like the kids from my kindergarden class (I'm 41 years old). I can tell that these are angry and ignorant people--it's so obvious. The power trips!! wow! They should find themselves good psychotherapists and get help--they need it; maybe that'll get rid of their IBS problem. By what I've read of Ghitta, she is someone who's delt with IBS, and has decided to combat it the healthy way, with vitamins, proper foods and change of lifestyle. I've learned from her; used her recipies, vitamins ideas, and her grandmother "tricks". So, Chris, whoever you are, get yourself a good psychotherapist. You need it!! Find the source of your anger and put it where it belongs. And no, I'm not an alcoholic. But yes, went to therapy to learn about myself. Perhaps, if everyone went to therapy, we wouldn't have so many angry people walking about and unloading their #### on the wrong person, or on a "name" on an IBS bulletin board. Get a life!
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andalucia, i think your comment about the kindergarten bickering is important and since I was part of it I have made it a public issue of the main ibs forum and i thought I should let you know, should you care to join.tom
ghitta, I'd like to hear more about your attitude of letting go and going. I've tried hypnosis and it doesn't seem to work, maybe because I'm tryin too
thank you all for your support and kind words. as i prefaced my posting, i am neither a doc nor a shrink but i know what's worked for me. under all circumstances, i would recommend anyone to get medical opinions before embarking on any treatment, allopathic, naturopathic, homeopathic, whatever. i do believe in research, and knowledge. it all helps but in my case, knowledge didn't solve anything. i needed to take action. i appreciate all the nice reponses in my defense to this individual, and i suspect i know who it is and i don't care. just for a laugh, allow me to post here, hopefully he'll read it, that i am a college graduate from a 7-Sister Ivy League University, that i have always held jobs of responsibilities, that i am a Professor, and have an IQ considered by today's testing standards to be above the norm. i have traveled and lived abroad extensively, and spent the last 6 years of my life, working on solving personal problems in order to have the wonderful life i have today. so, so much for what's-his-name's assumptions. i wish you all good luck and all the best, - i will post again concerning the whole concept of "letting go", at a later date. thanks again, and i am glad that i have been able to be of help. g-
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How dare you speak of someone else like that! You are a perfect example of exactly what this BB is NOT about. Jealously and anger do not promote a healthy existence.Congrats Ghitta for all your successes. You have been such a help to me over the past few months. Everything that you have suggested, I have tried and my life is better for it.
I just don't understand this. Well, on the other hand, I suppose that I do. One of the truly awful things about the internet is that the anonymity it confers gives people licence to act cruelly toward each other in public with no fear of consequence. Whether anyone agrees with Chris or not, this is not the place to exercise ad hominem/feminam attacks on someone. These kinds of postings serve no purpose other than meanness and self-indulgent childishness. I wish that we would all would exhibit a little more self-control. If someone has something mean-spirited to say, let it be done privately, if it has to be done at all.Steven
perhaps what i said was misunderstood. i felt that Chris made a rather chidish attac on ghitta and said so publically as his attack and diagnosis of her was public. I apologize for the ad hominen character of what i posted. i also apologize to ghitta as al of this is distracting from the value of what you
ok everybody, thanks again. let's drop it now. i feel terrible to be attacked in such a way and the only way for me to deal with it is to just ignore it, at this point .......i must admit it makes me want to stop posting. let's just forget this whole business with this Chris, whoever he is. i'm sorry he is so angry and hateful. i can be too, which is why i try to have the willingness not to be. progress not perfection. i hope this guy chris finds a solution to his problems, they must be very bad indeed. G-
WOW, This guy Chris is a psychopath for sure. Ghitta don't stop posting, your suggestions have helped a lot of us. Mercy!
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ghitta, don't stop posting. your post helped me.tom
Ghitta,No matter what anyone says to you, don't ever let them tear you down or wear away at your own resolve, your self-esteem, self-respect or the fact that you are a great human being who is loved by a lot of people.If you have recovered from serious illness in your life... I applaud you, I commend you... and I urge you to keep on posting your experiences.I know what it is to be the target.It is obvious that the person who has targeted you has no self-esteem, and if anything, is to be urged to get help.You have my full support.By the way..... nice to meet you....
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thank you all. i appreciate it very much. i wish the administrator (jeff?) would just vaporize this whole thread. thanks again, g-
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