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I have just recently been given the diagnosis of IBS.

Looking back I think I have had bowel troubles my whole life but they seem to have taken a turn for the worst the last couple of years.

During a highly stressful time (graduating nursing school, getting married, etc) I went to the ER with severe left sided abdominal pain. I had an ultrasound done and then they gave me a GI cocktail. Since it seemed to help they said I had an ulcer and sent me on my way. I was less knowledgeable then but since I had been taught what to do for ulcers I thought I would be okay.

So with my nursy brain I tried treating the ailments on my own for about a year. I was plagued with almost monthly episodes of severe abdominal pain, along with frequent days of debilitating nausea and vomiting and diarrhea almost every couple days. The nausea has become a daily thing and diarrhea every couple days.

I began seeking help almost a year ago. I have seen about 6 or so different doctors. I have had ultrasounds, CT scans, and just recently a colonoscopy/endoscopy. I have tried a gluten-free diet so far with little to no improvement.

My colonoscopy revealed gastritis and diverticulosis. My most recent doctor thinks my problem is functional, so he is leaning toward IBS and having me keep a food journal.

I have not had any tests for lactose intolerance or a definitive test for Celiac. I am wondering if any of you have similar problems and if so were you diagnosed with a food allergy or just told you have IBS and they are not sure what is going on.
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