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Hello, new to the forum

A bit about my IBS

I have IBS-A but it is mainly between the two, Loose 80% , i only get abdominal pain if i eat a hight carb diet day after day but manage that so rarely get it anymore, whilst i was on a low carb diet to lose weight my IBS changed to IBS-C which isnt as bad, but a low carb diet makes me depressed over time & get boring & makes me want carbs more & more.

Currently im trying to balance the none/low carb foods & hight carb food so my cravings are feed & my IBS kept undercontrol but i have day where i can resist some of the bad things

Breakfast = Weetos/ milk (OK)
Work Snakes = Mixed nuts, boild eggs, chicken breast, Pork Scratching (OK)
Night Meal = Meat, Veg

Some days have some of the below list thrown in from time to time but not every day!

Things that course my IBS

Rice (once a month)
Potatoes (very rare)
bread (once a week) lunch
Cakes (twice a month)
Crumpets (once a month) mornings
Biscuits (twice a month) afternoon
Yorkshire pudding (once a month) teatime
Milk Chocolate (twice a week) afternoon
Puddings (3/4 a week) reatime
Cider (1/2 times a month)

The main problem im have that is doing my head in is i get the shivers/ internal shacks that come from my stomarch, i get them in the day but dont notice them as much, but the problem is at night after tea which then courses problem when i try & go to sleep, this is getting worse & im having to take Nytol to make sure i get to sleep.

My Dr kept telling me it was anxiaty, but i know thats not the case as everything else in my life is great.

Does anyone know how i have developed this & how to stop it?
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