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The "Sputnik"

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HiHas anyone tried taking a "Sputnik"? (it is meant to kill parasites)
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You mean this
Ok the cynic in me is going to go check Quackwatch and see if they found out about this yet.Basically it is an electornic "bug zapper" in a capsule that they claim kills parasites anywhere in the body not just the GI Tract
What I have seen so far sound dubious to me.....and I haven't run into anyone who has used it.Hasn't made it onto quackwatch, yet. Let me check if the FDA has twigged onto this medical miricle, yet...couldn't find it there far can't find any independant assement of the claims.K.
See less See more in Ireland is the company that makes this thing....I'll see if I can find out anything about them.K.
hithanx for the replyi actually tried a "sputnik" a while back, on the recommendation of my herbalist (don't use her anymore!)supposedly the more activity you have (spasms) the more likely it is that you have parasites!so i tried this sputnik, and my body just went crazy - i was at an england football match and i couldn't help but continuously kick the guy in front of me!! i had to leave!i had really bad spasms for a good day and a half, and probably managed to pull a couple of muscles! i was on the floor in my office for a whole dayanyway the activity would suggest the presence of parasiteshowever, shortly afterwards i had some tests (ct scan, colonoscopy, barium follow-thru .....) and was told i didn't have parasites (never had a stool test done though)today i am still struggling with my usual symptoms, and wonder whether its worth my while looking into parasites a little deeperi'd be particularly interested to hear of anyone who's has tried the sputnik, and what results they had
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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