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So I have been reading a lot of medical reports from NCBI. And I have been trying to figure why at such a young age, I have been sick for so long. Three times of H Pylori infections in the past 7 years. When I was in NZ, I did not have the proper medical treatment because the insurance company denies my claim saying it is a past condition because I was an international students. The two causes of SIBO that I can find relates to my experience is that the overuse of proton pump inhibitor (such as Graviscon and omeprazole ) and the multiple uses of antibiotics throughout my life to deal with my sore throat and H Polori infection.

A lot of those medical reports said that IBS-D patients with predominate constipation condition produces methane gas which slows down the motility of the bowl therefore causes constipation. The method that is used to determine SIBO has controversy in the medical field. I realize that even many GI doctors have not had enough experience in treating SIBO through my interaction with two GI doctors and 1 NP. As antibiotics such as Xifanxan and cipro can help to treat SIBO, it will eventually relapse.

I tried my first course of Xifaxan and I felt so much better for three months last September but I was not informed by my nurse practioner that it was an antibiotic. So I did not follow the protocol when I used it the second time on January. And it did not work for me because I did not take it properly. I am now 21. I had stomach problem since I was 13. It has been a decade. I went to see a lot of doctors in my home country which is China and tried both herbal medicine and acupuncture and it did not help to improve my bloating /distention symptom.

It has been hard. I know it because I have been dealing with it for almost a decade. And I never give up even if one GI doctor I saw few years ago saying that my bloating symptom was caused by my stress. And it know the fundamental cause was not stress tho high level of stress can alleviate my IBS symptoms. Due to the complication of IBS, I encourage everyone to try to do your own research online by reading medical reports written by medical researchers or MD to further explore what is the actual fundamental causes of your symptoms and what treatments are available for you. As antibiotics can significantly improve SIBO symptom, my GI doctors and I are concerned about the possible antibiotics resistance of the bacteria by the multiple use of antibiotics.

Good luck everyone and do not give up! Stay positive!
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