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First of all, if you don't already know about this, a diagnostic blood test to confirm or rule out IBS-PI in patients has been found. It's the work of Dr. Mark Pimentel. Here is more about that:

Secondly, I posted a question in the comment section on the video detailing the discovery and supposedly Dr. Pimentel himself answered it!

Here was my question:

This is nice progress, but ideally we would need to know exactly what this toxin does such that IBS appears in some subset of people who develop food poisoning and whether or not it can be reversed. How far away are we from answering that dillema?
Here is the answer:

Thank you for your excellent question, bluezone3. Here is Dr. Pimentel's response: "This is a great question. We are actively working on this as we speak. It will likely lead to new drugs."
So, there is hope!

you can see my comment and the video here:
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