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I'm very glad I found this bulletin board. Many thanks to all of you for sharing your tips and information, you help more than you may realize. I've had IBS-D for several years, with flare-ups of chronic D that would last for as long as a year or two. After reading here that sugar is a common culprit in causing D, about eight weeks ago I decided to eliminate sugar. The D stopped the same day! I've continued to stick with a sugar-free diet (except for the small amount in crackers, etc.), and have had no D whatsoever, not even during my periods. In fact, I've been a little C, but I'm not complaining! I've also started taking One-A- Day Women's Formula with Calcium and Iron, and have been drinking no more than five glasses of water a day. Both of these also seem to be helping. During the past eight weeks since eliminating sugar, I haven't had to take any medications for D at all. I hope what has helped me will help someone else.Deanne
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