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I normally don't post on forums but I'm so bored of my IBS and sick of how it has affected my life and I want to make some changes in the New Year.

I've always suffered with IBS, but it got really bad throughout my teens. Just as you are meant to be going out and socialising I would get the most terrible IBS symptoms, not knowing what it was at the time!

I started to get my IBS under control when I went to university. But being on a dairy and gluten free diet made me rather anti-social. I have to op out of everything- visiting other people's houses, cooking meals with flatmates, work meals, holidays, friends birthday meals and dating.

I have my IBS pretty much under control. I avoid gluten and dairy 100% (I don't even cook with the same utensils). I find some other things bother me- alcohol, times and size of meals. On a work-day I can eat breakfast but then don't eat again till I get home. If I try and have lunch I get the worst gas pains in the afternoon which makes sitting through meetings hellish.

I rent an ensuite room (can't handle stress of sharing a bathroom in a shared house), but this leaves me with not much spare cash to go out or do things. Not that I go out much anyway. I don't have any friends from school. I dropped most of them because of embarrassing episodes at the time! And I found it impossible to make friends at uni not being able to join in with social events that involve eating/drinking i.e. pretty much all of them.

So I'm 24 years old but literally have no friends. Yes I feel most comfortable at home anyway, but I get so bored! I don't mind doing things on my own but I don't have much spare cash after paying for an ensuite and affording a gluten/dairy free diet.

I would love to rent a cheaper room and have spare cash to go to the gym, do yoga/pilates, go travelling- stuff normal 24-yr olds do, but I just couldn't handle not having my own bathroom. I also try to buy lots of cheap fruit and veg and cook as much of my own food as possible but still can't seem to save any cash.

I wanted to join a walking/hiking group but that involved worrying about toilets/ sharing rooms in hostels/ eating out at pubs afterwards. Things that should be simple but when you have IBS are not. I wanted to try a raw food cooking course but didn't because of the cost. I even don't mind travelling alone but prefer somewhere I can keep and prepare my own food and avoid shared bathrooms which means it can get very expensive.

I get put off going to events because I have no friends to go with, so never make anymore- it's a vicious cycle. I'm looking for any ideas for things to do or ways to meet new people especially people with IBS. Or if there's anyone who lives in London and has ideas for a meet-up, or just wants to message on here for a moan about the joys of IBS.
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