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Here's the story

Ok, so I started obvious IBS symptoms in November of 2016. Though my normal bowel movements before it all were on the looser, and more frequent side, probably partly because I've been a runner most of my life. But I was getting ones that stuck to the bowl in April that year. I went on birth control once in June that year, but went off it because of the bloating and mood swings I got. Went on it again in October and all I remember getting was poops that stuck to the toilet bowl and runners trots. And mood swings. Went off it, and bam!! Constipation/diarrhea/ and constipation predominantly since then. And craps that stuck to the toilet bowl. Yuck. I speculate that the rounds of antibiotics and finals I took to treat a UTI the year before ( left me to having these burning urination sensation since, but otherwise I'm ok) may have contributed to the IBS-C. And maybe all the antibiotics and weird medications I took as a little kid for my severe eczema at the time. I have mild asthma too, but I have good control of it with minimal use of the inhaler. I started getting some really bad anxiety when management changed at my job, which was when I was standing 12+ hours a day working in logistics, and I wasn't allowed to use the bathroom, and my normal bowel movements were anywhere from 7am-9am ( I worked 3am to 11 am 5 to 6 days a week). I have left that job since June of 2017 and now work a much calmer job.

What has helped:

So what's helped me so far is having a vegan protein powder in the morning, along with a cup or two of plain black coffee, a multivitamin, and really anything that does not have wheat, much sugar, and isn't super starchy. I sometimes have the Calm magnesium supplement if I have a crazy week with little sleep and lots of schoolwork, and regular work. I have tried probiotics, but I'm not sure it really makes a difference. In 2017, I used to have this perpetual cramp on my lower left side due to the constipation, and probiotics and digestive enzymes were painful. Now I can have them with no pain. But what got me to stop having those cramps was by taking a plain magnesium supplement and putting it in my tea (October 2017) and I was relieved to be back in my college classes, so it helped me relax and feel more confident in myself. Exercise always helps, but time can be hard, so I recommend do anything that gets you to sweat. Try and stay calm and don't think too much or too hard about your bloating/gas/constipation. Peppermint or oregano oil is great if you don't have reflux. Unfortunately, I have it, so I don't take them. But for the most part, avoid supplements. They're expensive and mostly placebo. Try to get enough sleep. Do things that make you feel beautiful/sexy/manly/confident etc etc.

But really, avoid sugary foods, starchy foods, flour/wheat (I'm not celiac or gluten sensitive, but it makes me super bloated). Broccoli really made me gassy at first, but over time, it has really helped me, and I don't get too gassy after eating it. I like dipping my veggies in sauces, so I choose items with no sugar like guacamole, or a vegan garlic sauce, or cashew sauce, or a dressing without sugar (Tessamae's is my favorite). Try to eat foods with less ingredients. Dairy itself doesn't seem to hurt in small amounts, but when paired with sugar or meat, it's painful for me. Fat is good, as long as it's not animal fats. Try to eat regularly (this is my downfall personally). But really, you don't have to necessarily have a strict diet. Just try avoiding the ingredients I mentioned above.

I know people on this forum live all over the place and don't necessarily live in places with the most food variety. I'm fortunate to live in Colorado where there's a lot of Health nuts. But try what I have mentioned. I think it ultimately helps to not make it more complex than it is. I'm still not quite normal, but my constipation has been reduced immensely along with the bloating.

Also read up on the food industry, and how it pretty much controls the food we have and it might help you weed out more I ingredients and trigger foods from your diet. I recommend reading about the corn and cereal industry, as well as the fast food industry. I learned a lot and have been able to cut out a lot trigger foods here and there. You'll rid a lot of dead calories from the diet.
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