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Thinking about cutting down on carbs

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All I seem to eat is carbs, carbs, carbs. I eat bagels, pancakes, rice, waffles everyday the same things over and over. I want to try to cut back on the carbs but am soooo scared to start eating meat more than I do. My way of thinking is you have more of a chance getting sick off meat products than you do off of a piece of french bread or rice. I was going to try gluten free but what do they put in place of the gluten to make pasta and rice and his my ibs-d going to be able to handle that ingredient. I am sooo confused and am wondering if anyone can help me out. Am I over thinking all of this stuff or should I try it? Anyone eat meat and have ibs-d and do ok with it?
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They don't put anything in rice to replace the gluten. Rice just doesn't make that protein.A lot of grains do not make the gluten protein you find in wheat, rye and barley grains (naturally in there) and they just use other grains with all the stuff naturally in those grains (sometimes they also use nut flours as well).Quinoa is one grain commonly used in gluten free pasta (and you can buy it as a whole grain) and I think it is tasty and it seems to be pretty well tolerated.You are more likely to get food contamination from raw veggies that you don't always clean it off than from meat you usually can at least cook enough to kill off the bacteria.
i have heard that high protein diets can cause constipation...........which is in the right direction.........since i've had ibs-d for a long time, a little constipation would b a good thing.....the thing is with someone with D alot, i don't think it would cause might just firm things up, so to's something else..........carbs cause an increase in blood glucose, which causes an increase in insulin.........excess insulin can cause inflammation..........people with ibs-d often have inflammation, which can b part of the do i think it would cause problems or help, yes, i think it would help..........excess insulin can cause all kinds of bad things.........
crstar.... have you tried doing the low carb since you are ibs-d? I just might give it a try for a few weeks and see how it work out. I figure as long as I am the one cooking the meat I can make sure I cook it very well. Thank you Kathleen for your comments. I wasn't real sure how the whole gluten thing worked
I eat a lot of meat for the protein every day. It doesn't seem to bother me as long as I stick with leaner, healthier stuff: chicken breast, tuna, low fat ham, turkey. Some red meat doesn't agree with me anymore though (burgers are the worst!) so I had to cut those out.
i've been eating high protein for many's extremely important for me..........i have a family history of diabetes, alot of family have or had it, the ones that r dead don't have it i've been conscious of this thing for about 15yrs or more..........i also found out that i feel better when i stick to high protein..........i don't always behave myself, but it is basically the norm, cause when i indulge, i pay for it...........i don't know if u've read any of the books i've read, but our genetic history is not grains & simple's mainly meat, fat & just a few carbs like salads, the kind of vegetables that do not raise blood sugar...........fruits should b eaten sparingly..........most fruits have very fast sugar, some worse than others...........when u raise blood glucose too fast, the body has to secrete alot of insulin, because most people have been abusing their pancreas for decades, cause that's the way we were taught was the right way to eat..........look at the dinner plate filled with much space does the meat portion take up, all the rest is carbs of one sort or another..........that excess insulin causes inflammation, starves our brains of fuel & has a negative effect on these tiny hormones called eicosanoids, secreted by our cells, which determines the the health of the next generation of cells........insulin does alot of stuff, but like alot of things, a little goes a long's one more thing, if there isn't enough fat with that protein, u can still end up with the same problems..........fat slows down the rate of food entering the bloodstream...........which raises blood sugar & then u end up with too many amino acids there also..........this can make u fat, among others.........i don't know if this answered ur question or not, but...........
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